RepresentEdTech is happy to have begun work with UNICAM.

There are several excellent video production solutions available which cater to every possible need which an institution may have; some providers offer all features in a comprehensive suite. As RepresentEdTech’s ambition is to provide distance learning essentials, we went looking for a solution which went to the heart of the concept of lecture capture and video conferencing.

UNICAM is a newly-started company originating within EdTech frontrunner Dublin City University. DCU uses it with great success it in its Moodle platform, to which it has been optimised. Integrations with other Learning Management Systems are on the roadmap.

UNICAM is a great way to introduce video throughout the education experience


What makes UNICAM special?

If your institution has been using other video systems for lecture capture and video distribution, you will be aware of the value that the core of this technology brings to education.

While intentionally not having the large number of features of other solutions, UNICAM has accessibility-by-design, uses smart storage and distribution methods and boasts a user-friendly interface and non-complexity which all but guarantees that everyone can use it. Furthermore, as UNICAM has a focus on distance learning essentials rather than a whole suite of video production tools and similar options, its price point reflects this.


How will UNICAM benefit my institution?

If your organisation is just venturing into Distance Learning and Lecture Capture, UNICAM would be an excellent partner to show just how this would enhance the quality of your educational output. Unlike many other systems, UNICAM does not require a monumental amount of training to understand how to use it and what you want to use will not be obfuscated by a multitude of expert level features.

If your institution is already experienced when it comes to using video today, UNICAM is a return to the three core requirements for EdTech: Accessibility, Availability, Affordability.

Material is stored in a cloud drive and can be easily accessed. Videos can be recorded from an IP camera or any other device which has a camera, such as a laptop, tablet or phone. An mp3 file and a transcription from the video is always available; this can also be translated into any language.

“The school of nursing in DCU have very specific requirements around the recording and distribution of training videos. When we went looking for a partner to develop the necessary software and services, UNICAM displayed excellent innovative thinking and technical ability and their ‘UNICAM’ solution was exactly what we needed. Their team were very professional, responsive and their services are cost-effective”

School Of Nursing
Dublin City University, DCU


Who should use UNICAM?

Universities, companies and government organisations which run Moodle as their LMS.


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The origins of UNICAM

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