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Brickfield Education Labs

Effective learning through accessible content
Brickfield provides an integrated compliance platform for your LMS to provide a more effective and inclusive learning delivery by helping institutions manage accessibility and usability of the course materials



Intuitive, Intelligent and Secure Video Capture for Moodle. Record and share lectures, tutorials or course work in high quality video and audio saved directly into your account – or upload directly to your Moodle instance



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Whether you’re in Education, Public or Private sector, represent a Professional Body, a National or International Skills organisation, and wherever you are in the world, we know how to work with you to ensure you get the right Product delivered or System built for your needs – because we’ve been doing exactly that since we started in 2000, with a mission to be a “trusted provider of the best customer and user experience in learning technology for improvement of skills and knowledge.” MyKnowledgeMap is a leading e-assessment software and solution specialist, with a full product, project, services and integration delivery, offering fantastic quality systems designed with flair and passion, earning numerous awards for us and our customers.


D2L | Brightspace

Brightspace is the next-generation learning management system. If you are looking for an LMS which is modern, fully accessible and run by a company who, like us, listens to their customers and cares deeply about them, then click below to find out more!



Using data and learning technology, Turnitin empowers educators to create more learning opportunities, ensures academic integrity, and helps students build original thinking skills. Through its suite of fair and fast Authenticity and Feedback tools, Turnitin has the most complete offering to increase learning opportunities and promote original thinking. There is so much more to tell, click below to find out more!


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Identifying the proper EdTech solutions which fit the needs of an organisation is no mean feat. It is not uncommon that one first has to analyse the actual needs themselves, sometimes noticing requirements and even opportunities for improvement and revitalisation that were unknown up until that moment.

RepresentEdTech makes this procedure easy by offering top quality, integration optimised, solutions for such eventualities as they arise.

Because contrary to popular belief, good enough isn’t actually good enough at all.

The very concept of good enough means compromising quality; features and functions which were identified as requirements risk being cut away. 

Our clients run efficient, optimised and successful organisations and know that cutting out function is not a winning strategy. With top quality solutions ticking all the boxes, an organisation avoids lingering clusters of problems and inefficiency. 

It has been said that the key to success is to get the better shoes that last instead of constantly replacing lesser quality  pairs. This is why RepresentEdTech has partnered with what we consider to be the best providers for each of the six segments of educational technology. 

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