Earlier on today (20211026), we published a press release that we had doubled our turnover.

Don’t worry if you didn’t see it. Such is life. It is very important and interesting for RepresentEdTech and for us as individuals, but we understand if it is less so for others. Our first year of trading – which was, actually, longer than one year as it ran from August 2019 until December 2020 – was what we thought was a great year – and it was. To have doubled our turnover in ten months is one hell of a milestone.

How did we get this far? Simple…and so very complicated. We partnered with the right companies – big shout out to Turnitin, MyKnowledgeMap, UNICAM, Brickfield, Intelliboard, VerifyEd and D2L. We chose these companies because we wanted to represent the very best systems.

It was more than just reselling licences, though. We believe in the products. This makes it a lot easier to resell licences. If you have ever stood in front of someone at a conference and explained why they should buy a licence, you know the importance of knowing that what you are offering is good, suitable for the client and will stand the test of time. This is what all of our products are. It is more than just reselling licences. It is knowing that the products will bring excellence to our clients.

A few more things: we could not have done it without supporting each other. We are a small agency and a good team. We also chose the right systems to support the company, meaning that we streamlined processes to free up time to be spent on supporting our customers. I think it has paid off!

James Bennett, CEO