RepresentEdTech is happy to have begun work with MyKnowledgeMap.

ePortfolio solutions are making great strides in the US and Britain. The first faculties in universities to realise their value were the medical ones; outside of education, hospitals and architects have adopted the technology to help with their certifications and education.

RepresentEdTech spent a significant amount of time testing different ePortfolio solutions. Some of them seemed not to offer anything above simple storage solution. However, MyKnowledgeMap went far above and beyond this with their, Myprogress and offerings.


What makes MyKnowledgeMap’s special?

As well as lifetime accounts for students/users, provides analytics and feedback that are world-class. This means that their ePortfolio, which integrates beautifully into Blackboard and Canvas (integrations with Moodle and other Learning Management Systems are on the roadmap), provides a portable showcase of student work as well as increases the chances of students doing well. approaches ePortfolios in a way that makes them as personal as they can be: the focus is on the producer. In other words, it encourages students to do their very best, to manage their own work and to decide the outcome of their studies.

All portfolios can be shared with people who should see the material. In this way, students can show future employers not just what the diploma says they can do, but what the actual work done shows that they can do.


How will MyKnowledgeMap benefit my institution?

If your organisation is dedicated to putting students first, MyKnowledgeMap’s solutions will help do this. With analytics to show which students are at risk of not producing their best quality, teachers can see which students are in need of extra help. This will help halt a potential downward spiral or, better yet, stop it from starting.

Your students will be able to see exactly where they are on their learning journey: which parts of the course need extra work and how to do this. When they have completed a section, teachers can award them badges. Students are encouraged to produce the best that they can and also to take responsibility for their learning outcomes.


Who should use MyKnowledgeMap?

Universities, schools, companies and government organisations which want to offer their students/users a solution which will be useful for the rest of their lives!

Nordic institutions who start to use and Myprogress will be in league with some heavy hitters: Siemens, the University of Edinburgh, the University of Bristol and Manchester Metropolitan University all use

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