RepresentEdTech is happy to represent D2L |  Brightspace in the Nordics.

We chose D2L as the LMS we wanted to represent as they provide a solution which is clear, true to accessibility standards and extraordinarily robust. Their organisation is always professional and friendly and, frankly, it is going to be a pleasure working with them and showing their top-quality platform to universities, schools, municipalities and corporate entities who wish to take their education and on-boarding to the next level.


What makes Brightspace special?

D2L’s focus on education has never wavered.

“When I think about why we started D2L in 1999, we were really focused on breaking down barriers to education and learning around the world,”*

Jeremy Auger, D2L’s Chief Strategy Officer.

This is absolutely still the case today. What Brightspace offers is something which makes the time you actually spend in the learning management system far more valuable than otherwise – whether you are a student, an educator, a department head, an instructional designer or a university administrator. 


How will Brightspace benefit my Students?

Brightspace is a platform which is designed to work with all levels education, so fortunate students may have their entire learning journey from K12 to higher education and beyond catered to by the system. To this end, it recognises the student as its key stakeholder. The whole of Brightspace has been designed with accessibility in mind, making it easy for students to find information and material because it has been laid out in a clear way. D2L had the foresight to see that accessibility – that the LMS can be used by all students, regardless of special learning requirements – benefits all students, even those without any special educational requirements. As such, Brightspace meets the EU Directive on Accessibility and has pioneered the principle of the law for some time.

Have a look at this 2-minute video to see how some students at TU Delft, which used to use a different hosted LMS, feel about using Brightspace


Students at TU Delft

The whole purpose of a university, a college or a school is to educate students. So why not give them a learning management system which has been designed to improving students’ learning experience?


How will Brightspace benefit my Educators?

It is hard to find students willing to wax lyrical about their university’s LMS (even though the video above contradicts this!), but it is easy to find educators who love it…especially those who have come from another system. Brightspace has ironed out the peculiarities inherent in so many other platforms.

Have a look at this 2-minute video where Bournemouth University discuss their implementation experience and, significantly, how their academics were really keen to use Brightspace.


Educators at Bournemouth University

Gone is the need to click countless times to view your courses or your students. Gone is the simplistic system that educators have had to use beforehand. In with Brightspace – pleasant to work in, designed by people who know how to design an LMS, and easy to navigate. The right functionality delivers the right content in the right place at the right time.


Who should use Brightspace?

Universities, companies and government organisations which have not yet decided to use D2L Brightspace as their LMS.

If you are interested in discussing how your institution can benefit from Brightspace, drop us a line below – we are authorised resellers of Brightspace in the Nordics.




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