RepresentEdTech is happy to have begun work with Brickfield.

Brickfield Education Labs have developed a Moodle plugin to check, diagnose and remediate accessibility issues. Other Learning Management Systems will be serviced in the future.

Brickfield Education Labs is a newly-started company but the founders are not new to the world of education. RepresentEdTech has known the people behind Brickfield for several years and can vouch for their integrity, drive and subject knowledge.


What makes Brickfield special?

Brickfield’s Accessibility Checker is built so that the ownership of material remains with the original owner. In simple terms, what Brickfield fixes will be hosted on the client’s server, meaning that clients are not held hostage.


How will this benefit my institution?

Fully accessible content means that you are no longer closing off content to certain users. If you are a university, this means that all learners can participate in your courses, regardless of any requirement that they might have.

This is not just about opening up learning to those with a diagnosed difficulty. This is about making your material available in ways that it was not before. As a simple example, someone in a loud environment needs subtitles on videos just as much as someone who is hard of hearing.

Furthermore, the EU Web Accessibility Directive (overview by JISC) states that all public websites (this includes learning management systems used in public universities) need to comply with accessibility guidelines.


Who should use this?

Universities, companies, government organisations and schools. Whilst the EU directive only applies to public bodies, the benefits of having accessible material can be felt by everyone.

At present, this is only available to institutions running Moodle. 

Please contact us to learn more about Brickfield!

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