When your new company’s aim is to ally itself to the best educational technologies, what better venue to make the launch official than Online Educa Berlin, where we have made so many friends over the past years? Perusing the stands of the providers as RepresentEdTech rather than exhibitors (which we have been for years), we could take the time to talk at length with a few of them.

Distance Learning Essentials – Proctoring

Walking through the doors of the Intercontinental in Berlin on the first day of OEB always gives you a feeling of being special, a feeling of being part of something interesting and important. We were reminded of the powerful impact that having a large stand in the first hall gives you: we saw Proctorio, the proctoring company, in all their glory (but a well-lit stand makes for a poor mobile phone photograph)


The Proctorio stand at Online Educa Berlin 2019. Photo credit - RepresentEdTech

James grabs a few moments with Punisa on Proctorio’s busy stand

Proctorio are an interesting company and one to watch; headquartered in Arizona in the US, they are expanding into Europe and now have offices in Germany and Serbia. Their tech seems very impressive and very easy to use. Of course, the obstacle is getting over the idea of having a camera watching students, but this is the difference between digitalisation and digitisation… Proctorio also had a good presence last year and it is encouraging to see so many of the same staff members again.