As Turnitin is the market leader – and rightly so – in both plagiarism prevention and feedback, we were keen to see what they had to show us.

Pedagogical Management – Plagiarism Prevention


Turnitin stand Online Educa Berlin. Photo credit - Olha Kozynets
Great talking plagiarism with Katya and guests

In the early stages of Katya’s eminent demonstration, we were graced by the presence of none other than Dr Debora Weber-Wulff of HTW Berlin. Here began a discussion on plagiarism, plagiarism detection, plagiarism prevention and how burgeoning Artificial Intelligence (in the collective sense) is already upping the ante with its attempts at auto-generating unique texts, potentially clearing the board of antiplagiarism tools that currently only detect, and therefore deter, the simpler forms of plagiarism. Truth be told, Dr Weber-Wulff is the authority on plagiarism and, as both of us have a strong history in the field, we tend not to talk about anything else when we meet.

We were able to talk with Katya for a short while afterwards about Turnitin and Gradescope, though, and were suitably impressed.